How to get EV charging in your apartment

You are looking at buying an EV but, you live in an apartment. Home chargers are the most convenient way to charge your car so, lets look at how you can get one installed.

If you own your own parking space, this task is relatively easy. You just need to hire an engineer to install a charger for you. However, not everyone owns their own parking space. Don’t worry, even if you have a shared car park, you can still get an EV charging point installed.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved to get a charging point installed in a shared car park.

1. Get everyone on board

Its likely that some of your neighbours are also considering going electric. If this is the case, your case will have a lot more weight. So, it is definitely worth asking around to see if anyone would be interested in an EV charging point.

2. Do lots of research!

By ensuring you can answer any questions about your apartment building will make the process easier and allow a company to assess the difficulty of installing an EV charger a lot faster. Here are some common questions that you should find answers for:

  • How many parking spaces are there in the car park?
  • Is your parking internal or external?
  • Is it accessible to the public?
  • Are they shared between residents or individually allocated?
  • Are your neighbours interested in EV charging? If so, how many?

3. Build your case

Offering EV charging will make your landlord a leader in the EV stakes. With EVs set to dominate new car sales by the mid to late 2020s, it isn’t long before residents will expect EV chargers to be installed in apartment buildings.

4. Speak to your landlord

Once you have all your answers to the above questions, you should be ready to go. Simply email or speak to your landlord directly and then get in touch with APG EV Charging Points to install your EV Charging Point for you.

Once your landlord is ready to take the next steps and has been in contact with our team, we will help them navigate through the process of installing the EV chargers.