How do you charge an electric car and how often does it need charging?

There are now more public charging stations for electric cars than petrol stations in the UK

How do you charge an electric car?

With the every growing list of electric vehicle charge points across the country, there are now over 10,000 locations where you can charge your electric car.

Public charging points can be found in most car parks, motorway service stations and supermarkets, Tesco has recently announced that they are doing an national rollout of EV Charging units.

Similar to buying any electrical product, an electric car will almost certainly come with a charging cable when you buy or rent one, while some electric cars come with a traditional 3-pin plug that you can use with a domestic socket, this is the less efficient and most dated way of charging a car.

More commonly a Type 2 cable will be needed, as these are the ones which can be plugged into an AC charging socket – which are the type found at public charge points.

You can also charge an electric car with a Type 2 cable if you install a tethered charging point in your home.

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